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To become a £1 billion revenue international gaming company by 2023, transforming our business and consistently exceeding our customer and shareholder expectations. Rank aims to achieve this through the delivery of our six strategic pillars.


1. Create a compelling multi-channel offer

In the markets where we operate, Rank is one of the few gaming companies in a position to provide customers a genuine multi-channel gaming offer. We have a number of key assets, including a portfolio of 144 venues, our membership-based models, our loyalty and reward programmes and the high levels of engagement that our team members enjoy with customers.

2018/19 progress

  • Grosvenor One was sucessfully rolled out across all 52 casinos; and
  • Exploratory work commenced into creating a new omni-channel service for the Mecca brand.

2019/20 current plans:

  • Enhancements to Grosvenor One customer sign up and other user journeys plus increased focus on the customer benefits; and
  • Further development of an omni-channel Mecca service.


2. Build digital capability and scale

We have built strong positions in venues-based gaming which we are seeking to replicate across our digital channel. In 2018/19, our digital operations generated 20% of Group revenue. Across the UK as a whole, digital channels now represent around 47% of the gambling market (excluding the National Lottery), presenting a significant growth opportunity

2018/19 progress

  • Ongoing development of the YoBingo.es offer;
  • Development of YoCasino.es and YoBingo.pt;
  • Successful launch of new CMS for Grosvenor digital customers;
  • Go live of a new enhanced buy in and other bonuses for Mecca and Grosvenor;
  • Plans approved, and work commenced on the development of new bespoke slot games;
  • Continued to evolve our predictive and attribution capability around digital marketing investments;
  • Successfully integrated the YoBingo business; and
  • Rank's offer for Stride Gaming plc.

2019/20 current plans:

  • Investment into and development of Grosvenor’s sportsbook offer;
  • Develop a suite of proprietary games;
  • Launch of a Grosvenor daily retention game;
  • Continue with enhancements to customer user and payment journeys;
  • Automation and improvements to lifecycle management and CRM more generally;
  • Launch of YoCasino.es and YoBingo.pt;
  • Complete the migration of Grosvenor’s customer base to the new CMS and commence the migration of Mecca’s customers; and
  • Successfully conclude the acquisition of Stride Gaming plc and commence its integration with Rank Digital.


3. Continuously evolve our venues proposition

Our casino and bingo venues remain a material part of our business, providing entertainment for millions of customers each year and generating the majority of the Group’s revenue and profits. By continuously evolving our venues (in terms of product, environment and service) and by creating new concepts, we are constantly enhancing the experiences that we offer our customers

2018/19 progress

  • Refresh completed at Grosvenor’s flagship Victoria casino in London with improvements to the electronic product offer and VIP facilities;
  • Following the appointment of a new VIP team, focus on developing existing and acquiring new VIP customers;
  • Refurbishment at the Barracuda casino in London successfully completed providing a more suitable environment for its customer base;
  • Refurbishment of the Sheffield casino providing customers with a wider non-gaming offer and improved electronic gaming experience;
  • Continued development of Mecca’s wider entertainment offer with events such as premium acts (e.g. 5ive), Bonkers Bingo, DJ Nights and Rewind Festivals (multi-act nights);
  • ‘Players’ bingo concept launched at our Camden venue; and
  • Ongoing negotiations with venue landlords to re-gear and extend leases whilst reducing property costs.

2019/20 current plans:

  • Open a new casino concept at our Brighton venue;
  • Continue to upgrade casino slots estate across all venues;
  • Investment in a new outdoor customer facility at the Victoria casino incorporating live gaming;
  • Accelerated programme of development in the Grosvenor estate based upon learnings from recent investments;
  • Roll out of three standalone Enracha Stadia concept venues;
  • Additional initiatives to modernise the Mecca brand and product/service offering; and
  • Further development of Mecca’s bingo and cashline offer.


4. Consistently improve our customer experience through innovation

Our customers are at the heart of our business, and we are always looking for new ways to support and entertain them. We invest in new technologies that drive efficiencies across the Group to the benefit of our customers. We also regularly invest in and introduce innovations that make the customer experience even better – both in our venues and online. 

2018/19 progress

  • Home delivery trials of food and drink from our London casinos through a third-party partnership taking advantage of quieter periods in our venues’ kitchens; and
  • Self-service TiTo cash termina

2019/20 current plans:

  • Launch of TiTo for casino table gaming;
  • Extension of home delivery for food and drink from our provincial casino kitchens;
  • Launch of an automated ticket vending machine dispensing pre-bundled bingo books;
  • Installation of fixed Mecca Max positions to be trialled to improve customer experience;
  • Go live with cross channel liquidity for Mecca; and
  • Introduction of TiTo across all Mecca venues.


5. Be committed to safe and fair gaming

We are committed to operating in a responsible manner and have a clear awareness of the harm that can arise from gambling. We recognise the importance of continuous innovation to refine our approach to making gambling as safe as possible. We work to proactively identify and interact with those customers who show signs of problem gambling. 

2018/19 progress

  • Began a trial in five casinos of using algorithms designed and built by Focal Research to help us detect potentially at-risk behaviour among slot machine players;
  • Established a dedicated safer gambling team within our Sheffield Customer Solutions Hub;
  • Began a trial of affordability modelling in our digital business;
  • Examined the potential use of open-banking as a way of improving customer due diligence; and
  • Implemented the first phase of time and money controls to our casinos’ slot machines

2019/20 current plans:

  • Better target our customer interactions with those most at risk;
  • Extend the Focal Research trial to include electronic roulette play and roll-out across the Grosvenor estate;
  • Reduce our reliance on less sophisticated systems of triggers and alerts in our retail businesses;
  • Further pursue the assessment of affordability risk, reducing our reliance on generic thresholds and those based only on financial metrics; and
  • Refresh and reinvigorate our approach to customer messaging to encourage safer gambling behaviour.

6. Within an environment which enables our colleagues to develop, be creative and deliver exceptional service